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번호 제목
6 [ GOODS / ORDER ] I noticed that each one of your items are a little different, why aren’t they uniform?
Uniformity is an indication of something being ‘machine made’ all of our items are made the old fashioned way, by hand. We scale –weigh- our ingredients so all of our finished items are within a few grams of each other, but the shape can be inconsistent. In the case of our cookies, some spread out more than others when baking. Our pie shells are hand made by different chefs, while the weight is the same, the fluting can be slightly different. We celebrate the unique look of all our products and do not want a ‘mass produced’ appearance.
5 [ GOODS / ORDER ] I find some of your products are too sweet. Can you change that?
We go through a taste testing process with all of our items and come up with a taste that best reflects our goal of producing authentic tasting items. Too sweet or not sweet enough is subjective to each person so we rely on our taste testing. But, we always want to hear from you, our valued customers about what you think of our products. Nothing is set in stone.
4 [ GOODS / ORDER ] Can I order ‘in quantity’?
Yes you can. You can order many items and have them sent to different address. We specialize in Corporate Gifts and filling Gift Lists. One of our staff members will be able to help you with your order. Please contact us by phone or email in advance so that all your deliveries can be made on time.
3 [ GOODS / ORDER ] Is it possible for a non-Member to order
Yes, just sign in as a no-member
2 [ GOODS / ORDER ] What are the ordering deadlines?
Monday before 11am for delivery on Tuesday
Tuesday before 11am for delivery on Wednesday
Wednesday before 11am for delivery on Thursday
Thursday before 11am for delivery on Friday
Thursday after 11am – Friday – Saturday – Sunday for Tuesday delivery
We are unable to deliver to Korean island areas because of the limitations of our delivery service.
1 [ GOODS / ORDER ] Can I request that the recipe be modified as a Special Order?
All of our items go through testing so that we can offer the best tasting baked goods. Any modifications would have to go through the same testing and it just isn’t possible for us to do.

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