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Privacy Policy
Information Network Usage & Privacy
P.I.E Incorporated,Ltd (below ‘we’) We care customers’ information, and obey laws regarding to “Information Network Usage & Privacy”
We inform customers how or for what purpose we use information customers give us by following ‘Privacy Policy’,
and what actions we take to protect customers’ privacy.
In case that we revise “Privacy Policy”, we will post it on our website (or individual notice)
◎ These policies will take effect as of 2014.08.15
■ Privacy Items we collect
In order for member sign up, consulting, and request for services etc, we collect personal information like below;
◎ collection items: name, birthday, gender, Log in ID, Password, Password Q&A, Home Phone Number, Home Address,
Cell phone number, E-mail, occupation, company name, division, position, office phone number, hobbies, marital status,
anniversary date, record of service usage, access log, cookies, access IP information, payment record
◎ method of collecting personal information: TARTINE website(member sign up)
■ Purpose for personal information collection and use
We use collected personal information for those purposes below;
◎ Fulfillment of contract and fee payment regarding to providing services
Contents delivery
◎ Manage Members
Identification, Personal Identification, Anti-bad member’s fraud and unregistered use, Age Check, handling complaints,
etc, in order to handle complaints and deliver notices
◎ Use in marketing and Advertising
Delivery of promotional information like events
■ Period of Personal information retention and use
We destroy this information without any exception after the purpose of personal information collection and use is accomplished.
■ Personal information destruction procedure and method
We destroy this information without delay after the purpose of personal information collection and use is accomplished.
The destruction procedure and method is like below;
◎ Destruction Procedure
After the purpose is accomplished, the information that members fill out for sign up will be transferred to our separate
DB(in case of documents, separate filing cabinet) , will be saved for period, and will be destroyed according to our
policies and privacy reasons about other related laws.
The information transferred to separate DB will not be used in any case except for law on, but will be only saved.
◎ Destruction Method
- Electronic file type of personal information will be deleted by technical method making it never displayed.
■ Providing Personal Information
We do not provide user’s personal information to outside in principles. However there are exceptions like below;
- In case that users agree in advance
- In case of accordance with legal notice, or if we have investigators’ demand for investigation according to
established procedure and way by law.
■ Consignment of collected information
We do not consign customers’ information to outside company without customers’ agreement.
If we are in that case, we will inform customers of charged subjects and charging information and get customers’
agreement in advance if necessary.
■ Users and Legal Representatives’ rights and that use ways
Users and legal representatives can view or revise their or their under 14 year old children’s registered information and
also request for cancel of their sign up.
You can click ‘revise privacy information (or ‘revise member information’)’ to view or revise users’
or under 14 year old children’s information, or in order to cancel sign up (withdrawal consent), you can click
“Membership Withdrawal” and you will be able to view directly, revise or close your membership after identification procedures.
Otherwise we will take action on it without delay if you send paper, call, or e-mail to our Privacy Information Manager.
If you request us to revise errors in your privacy information, we will not use or provide that information until
we finish revise. Also in case that we already provided wrong information to 3rd party, we will notice 3rd party of the result of
correcting immediately so that they can correct wrong information.
■ Civil Service regarding to privacy information
In order to protect customers’ privacy information and handle complaints about privacy information, we are designating
related divisions and personal information manager like below;

Customer Service Manager: David

Phone: 82-2-462-9001

Privacy Information Manager: Marie (Captain)

Phone: 82-2-462-9001


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